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Ultraman Rising min Ultraman Rising min


Netflix’s new animated film, Ultraman: Rising, brings one of the most iconic Japanese heroes to western audiences with a distinctly Asian American lens. While...

Inside Out 2 Interviews Banner min


Disney and Pixar’s Inside Out 2 is one of the best films of the year. Nearly a decade after the first, director Kelsey Mann...

The Imaginary u 00 13 35 02 min

Movie News

Netflix’s upcoming animated fantasy epic, The Imaginary, is directed by veteran animator Yoshiyuki Momose, who worked for decades at the legendary Studio Ghibli. Now,...

INSIDE OUT 2 ONLINE USE i140 15mT pub.pub16.1581 min


Pixar is a studio known for making films that look bright and fun, but pack a gut-wrenching emotional punch. In 2015, the studio decided...

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