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REVIEW – Marvel Comics ‘Captain America’ #8

Cap8Var min 1

Out of his element, Steve Rogers deals with a matter of Life versus Death in “Intermezzo, Part Two of Two” and is reminded why his heroism will always be unmatched.

Captain America (2023) #8 is available now at your local comic book shop! Spoilers ahead!

Cap8 min
Captain America #8 Cover by Taurin Clarke

Writers: J. Michael Straczynski
Penciler: Carlos Magno
Captain America has the tools and the will to protect the Front Door Cabaret and its strange guardian, Lyra, from the onslaught of a fate worse than death – now he just needs the strategy. But sometimes good strategy requires sacrifices to be made…

REVIEW – A Supernatural Situation for the Original Super Soldier

Issue 8 picks up right where the previous issue left off, with Steve Rogers embarking on a journey to the Pale City. In this mystical setting, he’s tasked with defending a magical safe house called the Front Door Cabaret from Death and undead creatures alongside Lyra, also known as Life and Death’s sister. It’s nice that the story wastes no time getting into the action. But it does feel like a rather crowded and dialogue-heavy start.

Straczynski also uses Steve’s inner monologue to help establish the narrative early on. He writes his introspection well, and it, along with Carlos Magno’s art and Espen Grundetjern’s coloring  are the highlights of this issue. The battle scenes really come to life in the way they should for a supernatural battle that features the personifications of Life and Death. The literal and figurative darkness of the scene come across perfectly, and the heroes are highlighted in a fittingly bold and vibrant manner.

Beyond those qualities, this issue ultimately comes across flat. It feels disjointed at times, as though events are just unfolding instead of a narrative being told. Even Steve learning from Death themselves about how he dies feels less compelling than it should.

More than ever in the ongoing run and second arc, this doesn’t feel like a story that Steve should be in. It’s not necessarily because the issue concerns a supernatural storyline, but because it’s unclear why this is a fight that requires Steve Rogers. You’re left wondering why is this even a Captain America story. Interestingly enough, Steve himself brings up essentially the same question.

Following the battle, he asks Lyra why she sought his help instead of other superheroes like the X-Men, Thor, or Captain Marvel — “Somebody else who can bring more firepower to the job.” The answer she gives helps create a stronger conclusion to the issue and offers a better sense of Steve’s importance and the story’s purpose.

“You have only one cause. Your cause is life. It is preserving innocent life and the innocence of life, from those with power, and those with powers, who would destroy that life.”

As much as the words are a response to Steve’s question, they’re also just as much a reminder for him (and the reader). Because, while Captain America may not be traditionally suited to handle supernatural matters, his principles prove why he’ll always be worthy.

RATING – 3/5 Pocky

Pocky Rating 3
Ashley Wif Profile Pic

Ashley Wijangco is a Filipina American writer who loves basketball, Marvel, and musicals. She wants to help make “Rogers: The Musical” a reality.

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