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Silk5 min e1652893509403 Silk5 min e1652893509403

Comic & Book Reviews

This current run is my first time reading a Silk series and it has been one of my favorite reads of the year. Silk...

NSKY S1 KeyArt Master Sky PRE 48 5x31 FINAL en US Andre min

Movie Reviews

Night Sky is Prime Video’s new sci-fi drama series releasing on May 20. Starring Sissy Spacek (Irene York) and J.K. Simmons (Franklin York), it...

CaptainAmericaSymbolofTruth1 min e1652398197942

Comic & Book Reviews

Sam Wilson is wielding the Captain America shield once again! But, this time, it’s his own unique red, white and blue shield, he’s not...

DrStrange2 Payoff 1 Sht v6 Lg 1 min e1651617418409


Marvel Studios has been teasing horror elements in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a while now, and it all culminates in Doctor Strange in...

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