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UltSpidey4Var min UltSpidey4Var min

Comic & Book Reviews

High-paced action and thrilling battles are exciting, but even a simple and normal night out can be a riveting one when you’re Peter Parker...

UltBP3Var min

Comic & Book Reviews

With the main Black Panther comic series currently on hiatus following the completion of the latest arc in Black Panther #10, the Ultimate universe...

AvengersTwilight5 min 1 scaled e1715649128570

Comic & Book Reviews

The latest futuristic Avengers story heads to its conclusion with the penultimate issue of Avengers: Twilight. The conflict and battles boil over and all...

Cap8Var min 1

Comic & Book Reviews

Out of his element, Steve Rogers deals with a matter of Life versus Death in “Intermezzo, Part Two of Two” and is reminded why...

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