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ThorandLoki4 min e1625727268321 ThorandLoki4 min e1625727268321

Comic & Book Reviews

What can possibly go wrong with a pair of Thors and a Loki trying to locate a mysterious orb stolen right from Odin’s vaults?...

ThorandLoki3 min scaled e1620424181446 ThorandLoki3 min scaled e1620424181446

Comic & Book Reviews

Thor and Loki are transported to an alternate universe and between their arguing with each other and battling a group of giants, they’re united...

ThorLoki2Variant min scaled e1618529595967 ThorLoki2Variant min scaled e1618529595967

Comic & Book Reviews

Thor and Loki have to get themself out of a bind – which is ultimately Loki’s doing, of course. Having to face off against...

ThorandLokiDoubleTrouble scaled 1 ThorandLokiDoubleTrouble scaled 1

Comics & Books

Loki is doing what Loki does best – causing mischief and getting his brother Thor into trouble. Of course, while Thor does his best...

image002 2 image002 2

Comics & Books

Get ready for a fun adventure starring our favorite Asgardian brothers in Thor & Loki: Double Trouble by Mariko Tamaki (She-Hulk) and Gurihiru (The...

ARC 202 10890 R min ARC 202 10890 R min


Looking back at 2021, when Marvel Studios first released shows on Disney+, the studio got it right from the beginning. WandaVision and Loki were...

ARC 201 09981 R min ARC 201 09981 R min


Season 2 of Loki is almost here, and today Marvel Studios revealed that it’s one day closer than we thought. Following in the footsteps...

ARC 101 03087 R CROP min ARC 101 03087 R CROP min


Marvel Studios continues to hit home runs, with yet another incredible Disney+ series in Loki, starring Tom Hiddleston, written by Michael Waldron and directed...

Marvel Studios Loki Poster Marvel Studios Loki Poster


Marvel Studios’ Loki turns the superhero genre on its head by embracing other genres and is the perfect showcase for the irrepressibly charismatic Tom...

Comics to Read min Comics to Read min

Comics & Books

Happy National Comic Book Day! Not to be confused with Free Comic Book Day which took place in May, National Comic Book Day is...

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