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Emma Corrin Interview 1 min Emma Corrin Interview 1 min


Deadpool & Wolverine is simply the biggest movie of 2024 and one of the most important movies for Marvel Studios since Avengers: Endgame. It’s...

Eric Kripke The Boys Interview min


The Boys has found itself at the center of pop culture since its debut in 2019. It premiered as the most watched series on...

Descendants Rise of Red Interview 3 min


The Descendants film franchise is premised on an ingenious idea – What happens after “happily ever after”? What does life look like after our...

20240321JasonDeamerKeikoMurayamaWorking01 min


POC Culture was recently invited to Pixar Studios for an early look at the making of Inside Out 2. If you haven’t already, you...


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Movie News

Whenever the legendary Sammo Hung is in a film, I pay attention. His latest is a futuristic martial arts throw down called Twilight of...

G2 DOM Online Teaser 1 Sheet 07 FIN4 min e1720569522171 G2 DOM Online Teaser 1 Sheet 07 FIN4 min e1720569522171

Movie News

It seems impossible that it’s been 24 years, nearly a quarter century, since Ridley Scott’s Gladiator film was released. Starring Russell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix...

IMG 4684 min e1720494624987 IMG 4684 min e1720494624987

Movie News

Eagle-eyed Formula 1 fans have noticed that for the last few years, actors Brad Pitt and Damson Idris have been seen around the racing...

The Imaginary Interview min The Imaginary Interview min


Netflix’s latest animated film, The Imaginary, from Japanese animation studio, Studio Ponoc, is a visually stunning and emotionally resonant story about friendship, loneliness and...

Inside Out 2 Mood Cubes min Inside Out 2 Mood Cubes min


If you haven’t heard by now, Disney and Pixar’s latest film, Inside Out 2, absolutely crushed the weekend box office, earning $155 million domestically...

Ultraman Rising min Ultraman Rising min


Netflix’s new animated film, Ultraman: Rising, brings one of the most iconic Japanese heroes to western audiences with a distinctly Asian American lens. While...


INSIDE OUT 2 ONLINE USE i140 15mT pub.pub16.1581 min


Pixar is a studio known for making films that look bright and fun, but pack a gut-wrenching emotional punch. In 2015, the studio decided...

PDX 058458 R min PDX 058458 R min


In an era of peace and prosperity, how do the Jedi become flawed? This was a question posed by Leslye Headland, the creator of...

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Movie Reviews

It was long before my time when the original Mad Max debuted in 1979, so I don’t really know if George Miller was aiming...

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