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Marvel Comics – Silk Returns in March with Maurene Goo and Takeshi Miyazawa

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One of the most popular members of the Spider-Man family is returning in March 2021 with her own new mini-series! Cindy Moon, known as the spidey superhero Silk, is starring in her own book written by Maurene Goo and Takeshi Miyazawa.

Goo, who is also Korean-American, is known for her young adult novels, including the critically acclaimed I Believe in a Thing Called Love, which is a story about an awkward Korean-American teen. Miyazawa has an fun and exciting Manga inspired style and worked on books like Ghost-Spider, Runaways and Ms. Marvel.

Silk most recently appeared as one of the leaders of the New Agents of Atlas, a team of Asian superheroes from around the world. That team, written by Greg Pak, spawned three different mini-serieses, culminating in Atlantis Attacks.

I’m loving this trend of giving Asian and Asian-American creators the reigns to tell the stories of characters like Shang-Chi and Silk. This is a fantastic creative team and marks the first time that a Korean-American woman will be writing Silk! I’m definitely looking forward to this new book. Like Shang-Chi, it’s a 5 issue mini-series, which seems to be the way Marvel Comics is testing the water with these new books, and hopefully the support will be strong enough that it inspires an on-going series.

Check out the cover to Silk #1 and additional details below!

Silk #1 Cover by Takeshi Miyazawa
Silk #1 Cover by Takeshi Miyazawa

SILK #1 (OF 5)
Written by MAURENE GOO



Demons and deadly conspiracies await Silk in new series by writer Maurene Goo and artist Takeshi Miyazawa

New York, NY— December 16, 2020 — Silk’s newest solo series, written by acclaimed novelist Maurene Goo (I Believe in a Thing Called LoveSomewhere Only We Know) and drawn by superstar artist Takeshi Miyazawa, will make its long-awaited debut this March! Back in 2014, Silk took the comic book world by storm when readers learned that Peter Parker wasn’t the only one who was bitten by the radioactive spider in Amazing Fantasy #15. Equipped with unique spider powers of her own, Silk quickly proved to be one of Marvel’s most fascinating new heroes and will now embark on thrilling new adventures packed with action, drama, and surprising new threats.

By day, Cindy Moon works as an intrepid reporter for the upstart new media empire, Threats & Menaces, under her old boss, J. Jonah Jameson. By night, she’s Silk, crime fighting super hero! But those worlds are about to collide as an investigation into a series of gangland murders puts Silk and everyone she loves in danger. Who is this powerful new player in New York’s underworld, where did she come from, and what is she doing with that strange cat demon? It will take all of Cindy’s prowess as reporter and hero to find the answers…and stay alive!

“The opportunity to write a Korean-American super hero—a woman, no less—is one that I never thought would come my way,” Goo said when the book was announced earlier this year. “I’m so excited to flex this writing muscle and to explore new stories for Silk—a character I love. Her fierceness and loyalty are qualities I understand and relate to, and I hope readers feel the same as she fights new foes and protects old friends.”

Don’t miss a beat of the latest saga of Cindy Moon when SILK #1 swings into comic shops in March! For more information and a look at some amazing variant covers, head over to

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