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REVIEW – Marvel Comics ‘Strange Academy’ #9

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We pick up with Calvin daydreaming about his past during Wanda Maximoff’s class. Wanda announces that it is Family Day, and there are various activities set up for the students and their parents. Let the fun ensue!

Marvel Comics Strange Academy #9 is available now at your local comic book store. Spoilers below!

Strange Academy #9 Cover by Humberto Ramos

Writer: Skottie Young
Penciler: Humberto Ramos
Cover Artist: Humberto Ramos
It’s PARENTS’ DAY at Strange Academy! For most students, it’s a joyous day, but for Calvin Morse, an orphan…not so much. So while the rest of the parents go on a scavenger hunt around campus, Calvin and an unlikely friend face something truly scary.

REVIEW – Strange Academy #9 is full of family fun shenanigans!

Calvin and Doyle are understandably underwhelmed about the prospect of Family Day. Calvin was moved from foster family to foster family, and Doyle is the son of Dormammu.

Most of the parents of our main characters showed up for Family Day. Emily’s parents came to visit and even Loki showed up for Alvi and Iric. The twins were a bit disappointed by this, but remarked that Uncle Loki was more fun.

Here is where our story separates, we follow the misadventures of Calvin and Doyle and all the shenanigans of Family Day. Doyle has a heart to heart with Calvin about his feelings for Emily. Doyle has had a crush on her for a few issues, but the issue is compounded now that Emily “sleeping beautied” him back to life! (go read issue #7 now!) Such an adorable scene!

Emily’s mom is INTENSE! She is having a fight with Loki, as she thinks he cheated to win the scavenger hunt. It seems that he magicked one of the last items he needed to win, the statue of TUl, a one of a kind ancient deity totem! You can totally see where Emily gets her competitive streak from.

I am really enjoying the Strange Academy, a school for young sorcerers. We get to see all of our favorite magicians, Doctor Strange, Wanda Maximoff, Magik, Hellstrom and others! We also get to meet a whole set of new young characters from all around the world(s). We have humans, fairies, zombies, demons, and even a frost giant! Such a fun team! We get to see the kids learn to use and control magic, but also how to see each other as something other than enemies.

The art is beautiful with so many colors! I love the emotions that get captured in the art. You can see when a character is happy based only on their faces and expressions. I can’t wait to see where this story takes us next, even just to see Emily’s mom yell at Loki, “I am not scared of that pretty boy!”

RATING – 4.5/5 Pocky

Pocky Rating 5 e1575009674285
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