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New Trailer Revealed for ‘Marvel’s Voices: Legacy’ #1

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Marvel’s Voices has been one of the leading comics in celebrating diverse superheroes. Every book released so far has been an amazing celebration of diversity and people of color in the Marvel Comics Universe.

Marvel’s Voices: Legacy #1 Cover by Taurin Clarke

This week, Marvel takes it to another level with Marvel’s Voices: Legacy #1, featuring some of the top talent in comics and entertainment like John Ridley, Mohale Mashigo, and Ken Lashley telling seven new stories on characters like Black Panther, Storm, Blade, Falcon, Ironheart and Spectrum.

To promote the book’s release, Marvel release a beautiful new motion trailer today. Check out the trailer below as well as all the details on Marvel’s Voices: Legacy #1 releasing tomorrow!



Top creative minds from across the entertainment industry assemble tomorrow to celebrate Black History Month Marvel style!

New York, NY— February 23, 2021 — Black Panther. Storm. Blade. Falcon. Ironheart. Spectrum. And so many more. Marvel’s incredible legacy of Black heroes will be celebrated tomorrow in MARVEL’S VOICES: LEGACY #1!

MARVEL’S VOICES: LEGACY #1 will consist of seven thrilling tales brought to life by an amazing lineup of both new and established creators. Academy Award winning screenwriter John Ridley kicks things off with a poignant look at the impact of Miles Morales. Award-winning novelist Mohale Mashigo pens an action-packed teamup of Marvel’s most promising young heroes—Ironheart, Ms. Marvel, and Shuri. Singer/songwriter Saint Bodhi shares her take on Storm in an emotional story grounded in tragedy and acceptance. Author Tochi Onyebuchi (Beasts Made of Night, War Girls) makes his Marvel Comics debut with a high-octane tale of a wild night in Madripoor starring Domino. Writer Stephanie Williams highlights family in a light-hearted Monica Rambeau story. Writer Danny Lore (2020 Ironheart) explores Blade’s legacy—both vampiric and heroic. Finally, Eisner Award-winning writer Nnedi Okorafor (Shuri) explains the importance of heroes in fights for justice and reform in an unforgettable Venom story.

Readers can get their first look at this historic one-shot in the new MARVEL’S VOICES: LEGACY trailer, featuring never-before-seen artwork by an incredible collection of artists including Olivier Coipel, Valentine De Landro, Marvel Stormbreaker Natacha Bustos, Alitha Martinez, Ken Lashley, Chris Allen, ChrisCross.

“I’m deeply appreciative of having had the opportunity to contribute to this amazing collection of narratives,” says Ridley. “MARVEL’S VOICES reminds us all of the power of words, representation and self-expression. And to be able to add to the growing legacy of Miles Morales…. That’s about as good as it gets.”

Pick up this groundbreaking issue tomorrow digitally or at your local comic shop! For more information, visit


Ron is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of POC Culture.  He is a big believer in the power and impact of pop culture and the importance of representation in media.

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