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The Rebels are Back in New Trailer and Poster for ‘Star Wars: Ahsoka’

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Star Wars: Rebels fans can rejoice. The band is getting back together (kind of) in the latest Star Wars series, Ahsoka. Of course, we saw the return of the former Jedi turned Rebel in Star Wars: The Mandalorian, which gave us some incredible scenes between Ahsoka, Luke Skywalker and Grogu (the new Holy Trinity of the Galaxy Far Far Away?). Now, Ahsoka is back in her own series which looks to be a follow up to the beloved animated series, Rebels.

Trailer for Star Wars: Ahsoka

In the trailer, we not only see Ahsoka, played by Rosario Dawson, but original Rebels members Hera Syndulla (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and Sabine Wren (Natasha Liu Bordizzo). We also get a look at a holo-projection of Ezra Bridger (Eman Esfandi) and even the lovable droid Huyang (voiced in both the original animated series and here by David Tennant).

Grand Admiral Thrawn (Lars Mikkelsen) returns as the primary antagonist, along with a pair of new Dark Side Force users in Baylan Skoll (Ray Stevenson) and Shin Hati (Ivanna Sakhno). I was particularly excited to see Diana Lee Inosanto in the trailer reprising her role as Morgan Elsbeth. The duel between Ahsoka and Elsbeth in The Mandalorian is one of my favorite scenes of any Star Wars series and I hope we learn much more about Elsbeth’s background.

Star Wars: Ahsoka Poster
Star Wars: Ahsoka Poster

The trailer is full of action, with some incredible visuals. Of course, it remains to be seen whether fans of the series will be satisfied with the live-action adaptation of their favorite characters. It’s no easy task to translate animated characters to live-action, but I think fans will be excited to see the Ghost team (or at least some of them) return.

Disney and Lucasfilm also released a really excellent featurette, “Journey to Ahsoka,” which highlights some of the interviews, appearances and behind-the-scenes moments. It’s well worth watching to relive some great moments from Star Wars Celebration and get a glimpse what went into the making of this series.

Star Wars: Ahsoka premieres August 23rd on Disney+!

Journey to Ahsoka Featurette


Original Series from Lucasfilm Launches Exclusively on Disney+ August 23 with First Two Episodes

Today, Disney+ released an exciting new trailer and key art for Lucasfilm’s “Star Wars: Ahsoka” and also announced that the series debut on August 23 will kick-off with the first two episodes. 

Check out the featurette “Journey to Ahsoka” to learn more about the series from its creators and stars. 

Set after the fall of the Empire, “Star Wars: Ahsoka” follows the former Jedi Knight Ahsoka Tano as she investigates an emerging threat to a vulnerable galaxy.

“Ahsoka” stars Rosario Dawson, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Ray Stevenson, Ivanna Sakhno, Diana Lee Inosanto, David Tennant, Lars Mikkelsen and Eman Esfandi. The episodes are directed by Dave Filoni, Steph Green, Peter Ramsey, Jennifer Getzinger, Geeta Vasant Patel and Rick Famuyiwa. Dave Filoni is the head writer and executive produces along with Jon Favreau, Kathleen Kennedy, Colin Wilson and Carrie Beck. Karen Gilchrist serves as co-executive producer.

Lucasfilm’s “Star Wars: Ahsoka” launches on August 23, exclusively on Disney+.


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