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Explore the Making of ‘Dune: Part Two’ with ‘Dune: Exposures’ and ‘The Art and Soul of Dune: Part Two’

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The adaptation to Frank Herbert’s classic novel returns with the release of Dune: Part Two in theaters. As audiences everywhere anticipate the next chapter in Paul Atreidis’ story, they can get a sneak peek on the making of this film through the upcoming art book, Dune: Exposures.

Dune: Exposures features writing from Josh Brolin, who plays the role of Gurney Halleck. in the book, Brolin shares his experience making the film, complemented with stunning photos from Dune Director of Photography Greig Fraser. While filming both parts of Dune, Fraser documented the creation of the film; providing a behind the scenes look at what it was like on set. Dune: Exposures is available to purchase now. Superfans may be interested in the Fine Art Editions of this book, of which there are three versions, containing a print of either Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, or Josh Brolin (each signed by Fraser). 

Another can’t miss book releasing along with the new film is The Art and Soul Of Dune: Part Two. A follow up to The Art and Soul of Dune: Part One, this book is written by Dune producer Tanya Lapointe, and explores the filmmaking process from concept to on-set production. The pages feature concept art, as well as stunning on-set photography, and exclusive interviews with the cast and crew, including director Denis Villeneuve. 

I was lucky enough to take a look at both of these books in person while attending a press junket for the film. The concept art and photography featured inside these books are beautiful. I look forward to taking a deeper look into the making of Dune: Part Two.

Check out additional details below as well as a glimpse at some of the incredible pages inside the books.


Insight Editions and Legendary are proud to present a uniquely intimate look behind the
making of Denis Villeneuve’s epic Dune films. Courtesy of Director of Photography
Greig Fraser and star Josh Brolin, Dune Exposures collects hundreds of intimate,
evocative photographs taken by Fraser on the sets of Dune: Part One and Dune: Part
Two. Fraser and Brolin formed a close creative kinship over the course of making the
films, and Fraser’s beautiful photography is accompanied by a wealth of insightful,
passionate writing by Brolin.

Stark shots of iconic characters immersed in their cinematic worlds share space with
candid, unmannered photos of actors and craftspeople at work, all as Brolin’s spare,
poetic writing weaves throughout. Simply put, this book is as close as one can get to
being on set. Dune: Exposures is not only a marvel for fans of the film and Frank
Herbert’s legendary saga, but it’s a moving and interior chronicle of a fleetingly rare
creative bond shared by two practitioners at the heights of their respective crafts.

The gorgeous hardcover joins Insight Editions’ acclaimed line of Dune titles in February
2024, before the release of Dune: Part Two on March 1.

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Jorgie is a pop culture fan and contributor at He loves learning about visual effects, production, film, and art, and how they all come together to make films like Star Wars.

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