A Father’s Son is an upcoming crime drama made by Asian-American creators, starring a predominantly Asian-American cast and based on a series of novels by an Asian-American writer. Written and directed by Chen Xi Hao, A Father’s Son boasts an outstanding cast that includes Ronny Chieng (Crazy Rich Asians), Tzi Ma (Mulan), and Perry Yung (Warrior). The film is based on a series of novels by Henry Chang and recently released its first teaser trailer via its official social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

A Father’s Son Official Teaser Trailer

I’ve been following this project closely over the last year or so, and am pleased to have the opportunity to share a behind the scenes photo of Ronny Chieng as Detective Jack Yu. The black and white shot, taken by set photographer Lia Chang, gives off a fantastic noir vibe that is the hallmark of traditional crime dramas. Of course, those crime dramas often center white protagonists and an almost all white-cast, so it’s exciting to see Chieng in this kind of shot.

Behind-the-Scenes shot of Ronny Chieng as Detective Jack Yu
Photo Credit: Lia Chang

In addition, below is one of five exclusive postcard images of the film. This image features Perry Yung and Ronny Chieng, and was created by Assistant Editor Yixin Chen. I love the image of the NYPD badge surrounded by mahjong pieces.

A Father’s Son postcard by Assistant Editor Yixin Chen

Produced by Red Rope Productions, A Father’s Son tells the story of Detective Jack Yu, a detective torn between his identity of his community and the NYPD, who delivers news of a son’s murder to the victim’s parents at the height of a gang turf war in Manhattan’s Chinatown.

The post-production team includes:

Editor: Patricia Ma
Colorist: Phil Choe 
Sound Designer: William Hsieh
Music (teaser): Mike Kelly
Film Composer: Chops