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Ultraman Rising min Ultraman Rising min


Netflix’s new animated film, Ultraman: Rising, brings one of the most iconic Japanese heroes to western audiences with a distinctly Asian American lens. While...

Inside Out 2 Interviews Banner min


Disney and Pixar’s Inside Out 2 is one of the best films of the year. Nearly a decade after the first, director Kelsey Mann...

INSIDE OUT 2 ONLINE USE i140 15mT pub.pub16.1581 min


Pixar is a studio known for making films that look bright and fun, but pack a gut-wrenching emotional punch. In 2015, the studio decided...

PDX 058458 R min


In an era of peace and prosperity, how do the Jedi become flawed? This was a question posed by Leslye Headland, the creator of...


IMG 3827 min e1718323099828


Latest from Lucasfilm, The Acolyte is the biggest series premiere of the year on Disney+. The two-episode premiere on June 4th brought Star Wars...

The Imaginary u 00 13 35 02 min The Imaginary u 00 13 35 02 min

Movie News

Netflix’s upcoming animated fantasy epic, The Imaginary, is directed by veteran animator Yoshiyuki Momose, who worked for decades at the legendary Studio Ghibli. Now,...

romulus dtrl4 v16 s240 t 240528 g r709f.089276L min romulus dtrl4 v16 s240 t 240528 g r709f.089276L min

Movie News

There are few franchises that are as enduring as the Alien franchise. Following the first film in 1979, the franchise boasts a total of...

tkg dom 1sht unrated rgb v2 online crop min e1717619449825 tkg dom 1sht unrated rgb v2 online crop min e1717619449825

Movie News

Lionsgate released a new trailer for its upcoming action comedy, The Killer’s Game, starring Dave Bautista. Following four smash hit John Wick films, it...

The Watchers Interviews The Watchers Interviews


The Watchers has a horror film pedigree that is undeniable. Directed by Ishana Night Shyamalan and produced by her father, M. Night Shyamalan, The...

Star Wars The Acolyte Interviews Star Wars The Acolyte Interviews


“The High Republic” may be a Star Wars term you’ve heard mentioned often in recent years. First introduced in the 2021 novel Star Wars:...


rev 1 FUR JBR 190r High Res JPEG min

Movie Reviews

It was long before my time when the original Mad Max debuted in 1979, so I don’t really know if George Miller was aiming...

IF VFX 037R min IF VFX 037R min

Movie Reviews

John Krasinksi’s latest film from Paramount Pictures, IF, is an emotional journey that explores what we leave behind when we grow up. Written and...

KPA TP2 0055 min KPA TP2 0055 min


Andy Serkis’ Planet of the Apes films are considered, even today, to be shining examples of how to properly reboot a franchise. The original...

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