Comic Creators Assemble to Support Comic Shops with #Creators4Comics Auctions

It’s no secret that this pandemic is a difficult time for many industries. Among those hardest hit are independent bookstores and comic shops, which were already facing difficulties in the midst of a rapidly changing landscape for brick and mortar stores. Comic shops were then hit with the double whammy when Diamond Comic Distributors, which oddly is responsible for nearly all major comic distribution, shut down operations in late March. Frankly, it’s a little bizarre that nobody saw a problem with having one main distribution channel for all major comics but that’s a different conversation.

On Wednesday, a collection of comic book creatives, led by Kami Garcia, Brian Michael Bendis, Gwenda Bond, Sam Humphries and Phil Jimenez, organized a large online auction initiative which encouraged creators to put together auctions with proceeds going to the Book Industry Charitable Foundation (BINC). What followed was a slew of the biggest names in comics putting up some of the most geektastic auctions we’ve ever seen. It’s pretty awesome. I love how creative these packages are and how they afford comic fans to get their hands on otherwise completely inaccessible collectibles.

All auctions are set to end on Monday, April 20th at noon EST (9 AM pacific). For more information, you can check the Creators 4 Comics website. To find a list of on-going list of auctions, there’s an ongoing list here, check the Creators 4 Comics Twitter account or simply search the #Creators4Comics tag on Twitter or Instagram. I’ve also found it helpful just to go to your favorite comic creator’s personal Twitter or Instagram account to see if they are participating.

Below are just a few of my favorite auctions to give you an idea of how epic these packages are. If you’re able, treat yourself to one of these incredible auctions and support comic shops that really need some superheroes right now!